The Ride Home and Reflection

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We headed out Friday morning around 9:30 am. It was a sunny day and the sad ride out of West was absolutely beautiful. It was cold as we climbed and the area through Yellowstone National Park was actually slick and icy. It warmed up as we headed toward Bozeman.

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We saw quite a bit of wildlife on the drive from West to Bismarck, North Dakota, stopping at the old Holiday Inn Express again. We did get one of the brand new rooms and besides having to smell new carpet and paint it was great to be in a room that no one had ever slept in.

We saw eagles, deer, bison and my favorite – pronghorn antelope. There are a lot of cattle in the fields along side the highway and we noticed quite a few babies – we saw no babies last weekend. We saw a few that had definitely been walking only minutes. They were adorable.


We stopped on Saturday in Janesville, Wisconsin as we did on the way out and had dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube – this time Scott enjoyed the food and we watched part of the Supercross there. We really liked the place. There used to be one in GR that closed a few years ago. It was on 28th Street in a weird location – I think the location killed them because the food was really good. Scott worked his bargaining magic and we ended up in a 2 room suite at the Holiday Inn Express. It was huge! He’s really good at getting upgraded rooms!

We headed out of Janesville early Sunday morning and got home around 2:30. We were very happy to see our Madison – we missed her so much but were so sad that this incredible vacation had come to an end. We WILL be back next winter for sure – possibly sooner.

Thinking back on our week I’ve made some observations and conclusions:

  • I really didn’t know what to expect on this trip at all and I was blown away with everything we did – on the snow and off.
  • Snowmobiling out west is much different than snowmobiling in Michigan in MANY ways – you don’t ride to put on miles. You ride to see what’s around you. I don’t think we ever rode 100 miles in a day but it felt like we were on long rides. There is just so much to see there.
  • We did not ride all the trails. We left some for the next trip. The trail loops are short but have so many stops along the way to see something beautiful.
  • It’s still a great day snowmobiling if you only ride for a few hours.
  • I can learn to ride a mountain sled with more practice – it doesn’t have to be scary to me.
  • Be aware of when to keep your safety strap on the handle of your ABS pack!
  • I like the 2017 Ski-doo Freeride – a lot!
  • I’m old but I’m not going to ever stop.
  • That safety strap on your ABS pack has a purpose.
  • The BC Link radios are a very handy thing – even though I can’t push the darn talk button with my gloves on – GRRR.
  • The white handle on your ABS pack can get caught on something and deploy your air bag – it really can!!!

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