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We made the most of our last day in West as we are heading out first thing Friday morning. We had a few destinations in mind today and after a beautiful sunrise and quick breakfast we headed out. We decided to go back to Two Top so that Scott could get some drone footage. The hard case that holds the drone ended up fitting perfectly on the back of his long track sled. We tried to take in as much of the scenery as we could along the way. We stopped at the river to snap a few pictures and just couldn’t believe it was our last day seeing all this.


IMG_0352 IMG_0348

We rounded the corner at Rea’s Pass (a popular place to stop) and saw a familiar cluster of snowmobiles parked in the meadow – it was the 2017 Ski-doo’s! We found them – and couldn’t believe it. There were also 3 new Polaris sleds with them and they were all stopped and talking to each other. We pulled along beside them and started taking pictures of them. They acknowledged us and started to leave. One of them on the new Polaris mountain sled came over our way and said hello and asked if we had seen this new sled. We said no and he began to show us all the features. He was very very nice. It was interesting to talk to him and see the new sled in person on the trail. We couldn’t believe what had just happened – crazy!

IMG_0356 IMG_0355

We made it back to the top of Two Top and were surprised to see how different it looked. No new snow had fallen there since Monday and many of the trees had lost a lot of their snow. It was still beautiful – just different. IMG_0361 IMG_0359


Scott got out the drone and took some footage of me riding along the top and then decided to get some footage of himself using the “follow me” feature. We had used it in that mode many times before with no problems. I stayed back in a safe area while he took off. He knew he didn’t have a full battery but should have enough to get a few minutes of video. He buzzed around me and the drone went with him. He was gone only a few minutes and he came back shaking his head and one arm in the air – NEVER a good sign! The drone had stopped following him when he was on his way back toward me and was no where to be found. He saw it during most of his ride (and I saw it when he left) so we knew it was working properly at that time. It is designed to come “home” if the battery gets low or there is any issue at all. He established “home” when he turned it on before starting to film me. He did it all correct – he always does. He was devastated as was I. The only thing we could do was go look for it. It truly was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I stayed back and he took off and came back with nothing. He looked over all the data on his iPad and could find nothing that would help – there was nothing that SHOULD be there. There was definitely a malfunction. We decided he should just go look again – he didn’t go that far away from me on that ride but for all we know it fell out of the sky over the mountain – there was a very high possibility of that happening. I said a prayer and off he went. A few minutes later I got the message on the radio – he found it! Sitting in the snow – lights flashing,  close to a peak.  A miracle for sure! He grabbed it, packed it up and we headed off that mountain. It really is a miracle that he found it. It’s hard to describe the size of this place or even the pictures showing how big it is up on that mountain and how many ledges there are – it could have been in a tree or over a cliff or anywhere.


Note: he did figure out the problem after doing some research tonight. A recent software update caused the “return to home” function not to work. The bug was discovered THIS week. We were VERY lucky to say the least.

We headed off into Idaho to loop back to West and found a perfect place to have lunch. We made a fantastic fire and roasted our hot dogs – delicious (lots of hot dogs were eaten on this trip!!!). The heat felt great and after the drone incident we just needed to sit for a while! As we were sitting around our fire the 2017 Ski-Doo’s went buzzing by again.

IMG_0382 IMG_0380 IMG_0393 IMG_8173 IMG_8164

IMG_0369 IMG_0372 IMG_8175

We packed up and headed back to town and drove over to the trailer to load the snowmobiles for the final time. In the parking lot was a pickup and trailer with 20 sled dogs tied up next to it. There was a sled dog race going on around West during the week and we had seen signs on the trail to watch for them but we had not seen any on the trail. The dogs were so cute and their owner, Rick Larson, finally came over and started talking to us. He was very nice and we found out he races in the UP with his dogs. He will be racing in 2 years there -we will be looking for him for sure. Cool story and such cute dogs! Made us miss our Madison even more!



We got back to the cabin and decided we would do a mini pub crawl before dinner – make the most of our last night! After cleaning up, we went back to Bullwinklles and then to the Slippery Otter – a new place which we loved. We will be back here for sure. Why break tradition so we had dinner at Madison Crossing again – this time getting something different. We’ve pretty much eaten the menu now! After our meal we walked back to the cabin for a final campfire and s’mores. Can’t believe this incredible trip has come to an end!





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