An easy day on the trails – and no airbag deployment!

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After our fantastic (and eventful) day in the backcountry we decided to take it a bit easier today. We definitely were going to ride, just not as much as other days. We also wanted to spend some more time in town and do some shopping so this was the perfect day to do it. After breakfast at Running Bear again (we drove this time!!!) we decided to head out to the West Yellowstone Airport. It is officially closed but we found out from Elliott yesterday that Snow Shoot is going on out there. Snow Shoot is where the snowmobile manufacturers let the press see and ride the newly released sleds before the public sees them. THAT is why we saw Carl Kuster and the guys from Snowtrax TV at Madison Crossing on Sunday. Turns out, the media and companies that have anything to do with snowmobiling are there this week to experience all the new stuff. We picked a perfect week to come to West!!!



We drove out to the airport like we were supposed to be there and sure enough, the terminal (and everything else there) was closed up but behind huge tall and long piles of snow were semi trailers and flags from each of the manufacturers as well as press trailers, tents and all kinds of things – all behind the snow piles and a fence. Well, that didn’t stop us – Scott climbed the snow piles and started taking pictures! I was sure we were going to get thrown out – thankfully we didn’t hang around long – just long enough to get a peek at everything and take some pictures. The whole Carl Kuster and other sightings made perfect sense now.


IMG_0194 IMG_0193

IMG_3150 IMG_0200 IMG_0197 IMG_0196


We headed back to the cabin, stopping at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park and after getting back lounged around a bit to rest our old bodies. We even roasted the rest of our hot dogs on the fire pit at the cabin for lunch (not on the healthy plan this week!!!). After lunch we geared up (I made sure my safety strap on my airbag handle was in place when it should be!!!) and headed out for a ride. We headed down a trail we had not been on and made our way to Hebgen Lake. Really pretty place and the trails were great there. Just past the Hebgen Lake Resort we rode through a large burn area that was a little curvy but nice and flat. It was pretty windy but a great ride through there and the views were beautiful. We made our way around the loop, stopping at some beautiful spots (there are so many!!) and ended up coming back around on the trail by the airport. Scott wound through the woods while I rode along on the trail. He had some eventful turns and carves through the woods!

IMG_0210 YNP


IMG_8109 IMG_0224 IMG_0220

IMG_8092 IMG_8102 IMG_8093 IMG_8109


After putting away the sleds and changing we headed to town to see what we could find. We stopped in an awesome t-shirt shop and made some purchases. I’d never seen so many snowmobile shirts and sweatshirts – it was hard to pick what I wanted! We has passed a bar earlier in the week that had a Packer’s banner on the outside so we had to go check it out. Turns out that Bullwinkles is owned by someone from Green Bay and she has her love for the Packers everywhere in it. Really neat place! They also had several slot machines there (which is pretty much the scene in all bars in West) and I decided to put $10 in one and cashed out $44.95 – not bad! We paid our bar tab with my winnings and bought some cool Moose Drool glasses there (Scott’s favorite beer out west) and headed over to Madison Crossing for dinner – again. No snowmobiling celebrity spottings but a wonderful meal.



IMG_3162 IMG_3161 IMG_0339 IMG_3166

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