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After a 9 hour day in the car we pulled into West Yellowstone, Montana around 6:00 pm. The drive from Bismarck to West was much more interesting than the previous day. The terrain changes which makes the drive much more interesting and there is much to see. You go from wide open prairies as far as you can see to pine trees to winding rivers to finally seeing snow. The actual drive time was basically the same but it felt much shorter. We did not see snow until we were deep into Montana and I was beginning to wonder if there was any snow at all! The terrain and mountains are just beautiful along this way.




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We finally pulled off I-90 at Bozeman to make our way south via US 191 into West Yellowstone. The drive to West from downtown Bozeman is beautiful. It’s about 80 miles and you wind your way through valleys with mountains on all sides just beside the river – just breath taking. You actually pass through a part of Yellowstone National Park. After passing through the ski town, Big Sky, Montana, we finally stated to see real snow. The closer we got to West the deeper it got and I finally felt like we were going to actually snowmobile!

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We arrived in town to see HUGE snow piles and a lot of snowmobiles. The streets were bare to the pavement and we could see that getting around town was not going to be fun but we would manage. We checked into our cabin and were blown away at how nice it was. It was going to be perfect for the week. There was even a fire pit right outside our door with the fire already made each day. The cabins supplied a s’more kit each day. We had to park the truck and trailer in the hotel parking lot across the street. At first we were concerned about this but it ended up working out just fine.

After unloading the truck and trailer and unpacking a bit we decided to head out to find something to eat. We needed to stretch our legs so we took the advice of Katie at check-in and headed out on foot for a restaurant called Madison Crossing Lounge. With a name like that it HAD to be good ; ) . It was pretty close to the cabin and as we walked through town we could see that the snowmobilers outnumbered the other tourists. We were in in the right place for sure! We got one of the 2 tables remaining at Madison Crossing and one glance at the menu we knew we were in a great place. We happened to be sitting a table over from a large group of people. Scott’s back was to them and he got up to go visit the bathroom. After he left I glanced over at them and thought some of them looked familiar but could not put my finger on a name. After Scott got back I had him look over and he recognized them right away. One of them was Carl Kuster who is a “celebrity” spokesperson for Ski-Doo and 2 of them were the hosts from Snowtrax TV. That got us real excited because Ski-Doo had just released their 2017 models to the public a few weeks before – would we see them in person sometime this week? This, added to the excellent food and wine started off our vacation in West with a BANG! We headed back to the cabin to prepare to hit the trails tomorrow.


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