Montana Bound!

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Scott and I headed out today around 11:30 pm for West Yellowstone, Montana. We’ve been planning for weeks and I’m sure we have forgotten important things but we are off! One thing Scott had ordered that was to be delivered to our house this morning had not shown up. As we got in the truck to literally pull out of our driveway the FedEx guy comes around the corner. We planned on leaving at 11:00 so our 30 minute late start was perfect so we could get that package. Unfortunately, Scott woke up sick and it was a rough drive for him to the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, Wisconsin. Fortunately, we made it safe and sound and it was not a horribly long drive. He hadn’t eaten all day and after laying down and resting a bit decided to give some food a try. There was a Quaker Steak and Lube right across the parking lot so we ordered a variety of things he may have been able to eat and walked over and picked it up and brought it back to the hotel to eat. He was able to eat a bit and was feeling better. Off to Bismarck, North Dakota tomorrow!


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