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We spent our last day on the trails taking it easy. We rode into Curtis in the morning to have an update flashed to Scott’s snowmobile and then rode over and had a great breakfast at a local greasy spoon. We couldn’t decide where to exactly go and the amount of sleds in Curtis were a good sign that wherever we picked it was going to be crowded. We headed back to the cabin and let Madison out for a run and then took off across the lake for the 6 mile ride in the open. I don’t like riding on the lake for lots of reasons, one being that it’s a rough ride. However, it’s much better than the shoulder of the road which needs snow in these parts! I would really like to see the road commission NOT plow the shoulder, at least not to the pavement. After getting off the lake we took the short shoulder ride to Trail 43. It was pretty good but had seen a lot of use. We didn’t stop at Andy’s but headed on to Trail 431 and 9 to Redz. 431 was still pretty good but not like the dream it was yesterday. 9 still needs snow and a good grooming! Given the traffic we saw we knew Redz was going to be crowded and boy were we right!! Scott counted 77 sleds in the parking lot. We luckily got a table – one of the few available.





We were trying to get back before dark – for once – so we headed back taking our time and stopping several times. It was a bit colder today, back in the teens, so I had to add another layer. I’m really happy with all my gear and layers. I was a bit concerned given that I’ve lost a big chunk of my natural insulation over the past year but everything worked out great.







We drove over to the Moose for gas and ended up taking the lake back. Much better for the machines than the shoulder. The sun was just beginning to set so we went to get Madison to let her play on the lake and snapped a few pictures. Another 90 miles on the sleds.







This spur of the moment New Year’s trip was fantastic. It was one of those things that everything worked out and felt right the whole time – like you know you are supposed to be there. 2015 has started out great. I pray it continues the same. I love our life.

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