Ending 2014 with a blast

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Its hard to believe but another year has come and gone. 2014 wasn’t so bad but I always look forward to a reset. It feels good to start fresh. I’m laying here in a small bed WAY too early in the morning with a black lab that has gas cutting off circulation in one leg and listening to my husband gently breathing next to me and realize I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We spent the last day of 2014 having a blast. We finally got to pack up our gear and machines and head out to snowmobile. The trip was unplanned and totally spur of the moment. Unfortunately, Michigan isn’t blessed with gobs of the white powder this year but one place that does have decent rideable snow right now happens to be our favorite spot in the UP. Thankfully, my brilliant husband quickly saw that we had a short window to leave home on December 30 because impending weather looked as though it may close the bridge throughout the day on the 31st – which it did. We made a few phone calls and surprisingly found one of our favorite places to stay had an opening and then quickly packed up (forgetting a few things of course) and headed north on Tuesday. We were out of the house by 3:30 – a miracle.

The weather on New Years Eve was brutal. We knew what we were facing but we were prepared. The temps were in the single digits and winds up to 50mph make for some chilly riding and not stopping to take many pictures but still lots of fun. We got a later start than we wanted and had an unforeseen delay but the later start enabled the temp to creep up a few more in those single digits. We are still in break-in mode for our sleds so we can’t really pack on the miles and ride long sustained speeds. We did about 80 miles total and got to stop at a couple of our favorite spots which was good for this ole gal’s first day riding in a year. We came back to the cabin, changed into warm comfy clothes, made a few drinks and didn’t make it to midnight! Here are a few pictures of our awesome day.

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