Another Fun Bike Night

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Grand Rapids Harley Davidson has Bike Nights every other Thursday. It’s a great excuse to go for a ride and we take the back roads there so it’s a beautiful ride through West Michigan. The weather was perfect and the band and food were great.

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We took the highway home. It’s ironic that I take that highway home every day and can’t wait to get off of it but when we are cruising down it on the Harley I don’t want to stop!

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Rebel Road +

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We tried to get to Muskegon for Biketime all weekend. The weather just didn’t cooperate. We had grand plans for Saturday but they got all discombobulated when the storms rolled in – twice. We finally ditched the day (did manage to go to the local chapter of the Harley Owner’s Group meeting) but it was just meh after that. We got up Sunday morning and hit the road. We knew the crowds would be smaller but hey, we made it! The weather was B E A U T I F U L and after doing a bit of shopping….


we went straight downtown. The crowds were much lighter than the pictures we saw yesterday but there were still lots of bikes and we had a great time.

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The weather was just perfect and after a few hours there we headed to the lakeshore to The Deck. It was a perfect day to sit outside and listen to some great music and have some great barbecue.

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We headed home along Muskegon Lake. So beautiful! We did 87 miles today in #puremichigan!

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Riding with friends – the BEST way to ride

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We met up with Mike and Sue in Cadillac to spend the day riding with them. We had a fantastic day with fantastic weather. We went from Cadillac to Manistee where we had lunch at River Street Station. From there we went to Arcadia, Frankfort along the infamous M22 and to Interlocken where we split off and they made their way back to Higgins and we made our way south. We stopped at Interquilten while in Interlocken – a really neat quilt shop. From there we made our way to M37, taking a break at Hodenpyle Dam Pond Roadside Park and then stopped at Old Iron in Grant for dinner before heading home. We did a total of 351 miles and I could barely walk when we got home! A new seat is in order but we didn’t expect to do this many miles. It was a perfect day with great friends and I can’t wait to do it again.

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All KINDS of things to do – Bike Night

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I had no idea of the things that were available that we could do once we got the Harley. The dealership has Bike Nights every 2 weeks and we attended our first one on July 8. We didn’t know what to expect but wow were we shocked and surprised! They had a great band, a food truck selling barbecue and a beer tent. I couldn’t believe how many bikes were there. Someone even did a burnout and melted his fender! We took the highway home and it was a great night to zip down highway. It was a ton of fun. We will definitely be back for another one.

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Perfect 4th of July Weekend

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We started our 4th of July weekend with a ride on the Harley with plans to do a lot of that over the next few days. We took advantage of the beautiful day and drove over to Sandy’s Harley Davidson in Fremont. Harley just makes SO much stuff for your bike, house, closet, etc. It’s almost overwhelming!

We then made our way to Newaygo and ate at Driftwood Bar and Grill. It sits on Croton Dam Pond and is in a beautiful location. It was a perfect day to sit outside and eat. We did 99 miles on the 3rd.

IMG_1151 IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_7095 IMG_7098 IMG_7099 IMG_7102

On Saturday we made our way to Cadillac to go to Thunder on the Lake. It was an event for bikers with displays, vendors, food and a beer tent. It was our first biker “event” so we were pretty pumped to go. There were many bikes there and it was fun to see them all.

IMG_1159 IMG_1167 IMG_1172 IMG_1174

We made our way across the state from Cadillac and ended up in Pentwater – surprise surprise! We had dinner at Gull Landing and then made our way home. We did 250 miles today for a total of 349 miles for the holiday weekend. It was also the BEST 4th of July we have had in years!

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Whoda Thunk?

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When we were buzzing around on the Ducati, I NEVER thought we would someday be riding a Harley, much less only a few weeks later! I took my first ride and am now hooked! We had to get some Harley gear so we would fit in. I don’t think the Ducati gear would work very well! We road up to Grant for dinner at Old Iron Bar and Grill – a real biker place. They have great food and it was so much fun. I can imagine how much fun we are going to have on this bike. We managed to take the back roads and did 50 miles on my first ride!

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