Time for a t-shirt quilt

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A friend at work asked me to make her daughter a t-shirt quilt. It would be my first and I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but I think it turned out perfect. Fortunately, the recipient loved it. Scott and I went to her graduation party and it was displayed for all to see! I got lots of comments and compliments. I guess that’s all I need!





The quilt and the adorable recipient!




Searching for the Lighthouse and also found The Deck

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We hopped on the bike and headed over to Muskegon to visit a lighthouse that was opening after being refurbished. I started collecting lighthouse stamps back in the winter while snowmobiling to Crisp Point and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to get another stamp. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a ride.




We found the lighthouse! It was a beautiful view from the top.

IMG_1068 IMG_1067 IMG_1064




We parked in a really pretty park fairly close to the lighthouse. We kept smelling barbecue while walking around. There were several people having a picnic there but we didn’t think any of them were cooking anything smelling that good.



We were even able to charge our headset on the bike!



We got back on the bike and headed out of the park to discover a restaurant called The Deck right down the road. The deck is a BARBECUE joint right on the beach. We found the smell!! Their deck had pontoons along the edge and we sat in one of them. The brisket was fabulous!  We will be back!






We headed out towards Whitehall and Montague. Perfect location – perfect weather – perfect day!


IMG_6894 IMG_6891

IMG_6917 IMG_6916



Blessing of the Bikes – 2015

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Blessing of the Bikes happened to fall on a perfect weather weekend just after we got the Ducati. We donned our gear and headed north for our “longest” ride. It was so cool seeing all the bikes and people. We drove through town to Peacock and then came back to town, parked and walked around a bit before heading back. It was an incredible day.


We stopped at The Depot in Grant to eat lunch. It was my first time there. We will be back! We headed on toward Baldwin and rode through town and stopped at Peacock’s and then came back through town. We parked, walked around for a bit and headed back. It’s completely overwhelming the amount of bikes that you see. There are all kinds of people of all ages too.



M37 is such a pretty ride. The grass was so green and the trees were all popping.

IMG_6775 IMG_6768 IMG_6764 IMG_6758 IMG_6752 IMG_6747 IMG_6746 IMG_6745 IMG_6741 IMG_6737 IMG_6734 IMG_1062



It really is unbelievable how many bikes were there. I could definitely spend another day there. We needed to head back and take care of Madison. The orchards were all blooming along the road.



We stopped at a new place in Grant called Ridge Cider Company. It’s right down my alley! It’s a brewery of JUST cider. They offer a lot of different varieties that are different flavors and various levels of sweetness. Scott and I both found several that we LOVED. We happened to stop there on their grand opening day and they had barbecue. It was great all the way around!

We came back and had our first bonfire. Such a great way to end a great day!

IMG_6818 IMG_0722

Back on 2 wheels – Italian style

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Most of our many years together there has been at least 1 two-wheeled vehicle in our garage. Scott finally got the ball rolling again with a new motorcycle. He bought a new Ducati Multistrata 1200S. It’s a beautiful motorcycle and we have had so much fun with it.


He’s learning all about this electronic motorcycle


Geared up and ready to go!



OMG! I FORTUNATELY was able to follow him but up Beltline and ACROSS 28th street?? I prayed outloud the entire time.


Thank GOD ABOVE we made it to Wendys on Beltline – almost home.