One more finish

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I was so happy to finish another UFO! I started this quilt for Scott a coughwhilecoughyearscough ago and finally finished it. I only lacked the quilting and binding and was able to get it pumped out in a few evenings. I am getting more comfortable with the BSR and it’s actually a lot of fun. I can’t believe I waited this long to start using it. I purchased the fabric for this quilt at Hobby Lobby and wanted to create a quilt that didn’t take away from the airplanes. I just paired large squares with Marti Michell’s Sashing Stars set to make the sashing. I was really pleased with the outcome and so was Scott.







Hexie Crazy

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I started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt quilte a while ago.  I’ve gotten the itch to work on it again and have made some progress on both individual hexies and the flowers. I may be in the nursing home before I finish but at least I’m making progress.

It starts with this:



Which becomes this:





And eventually becomes this:



Hopefully someday I can share a completed quilt but I’m not holding my breath!

First Quilty Finish of 2015

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Shew – I actually STARTED and FINISHED a quilt in 2015! I decided to make a lap quilt to bring as a doorprize for the 2015 For Women Only Snowmobile Ride for Easter Seals taking place January 30-February 1 in Grayling. As I started putting it together I decided it might be too big to offer as a doorprize so I offered it to Easter Seals as a raffle or something – whatever they wanted to do with it. They decided to put it in a raffle that included some other “big” prizes. I was surprised to see so many tickets in the pot for those in the running for it. The leader of my group actually won and I was very happy. When they were doing the final drawing of the winner someone shouted out – “She’s going to make another one next year!”. So I guess I will make another one next year!

I had purchased fabric with snowmobiles on it a year or so ago. I had to come up with a quilt design would not destroy the fabric design. I decided on a Disappearing Nine Patch. I had never made one before and I was very pleased with the outcome. I had to piece the original Nine Patch Blocks carefully because after the big cut I was turning 2 of them 180 degrees. I wanted the snowmobiles to all be going the same direction. I also had to be brand-neutral in my accent color selection. I just went for primary colors since those pretty much represent the 4 brands. I really like this design and will definitely make another quilt using that pattern. It’s also a great way to use up those 5″ squares I seem to be collecting.


IMG_9844      IMG_9848 - Version 2

UP again – Valentine’s Day Weekend

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We headed north on February 11 for a few days of snowmobiling. This time we rode with friends and had a blast. It was our first trip riding with others. The snow and trails were awesome as usual but we had to fight the bitter cold and wind. Our machines and clothing withstood the elements. We did about 260 miles total over the 3 days we rode. Not a ton of miles but tons of fun.

We haeaded out on February 11 around 10:00 am after a late night at the Luke Bryan concert. Great concert but we ain’t young-ins anymore!  We just relaxed that night and saved our energy for the next day.

Mike and Sue arrived on Thursday morning. They got settled and off we went. We rode to Andy’s in Seney to grab some lunch and headed out to incredible snow and trails. We were able to find some great powder. We eventually made our way to Whitefish Inn for dinner where Alex and Nicole joined us.


We were up on Friday morning ready to go. We headed out towards Andy’s again and found it almost completely full of snowmobilers.



We left Andy’s and headed for Tahquamenon Falls. It happened to be the 15th anniversary of the day that Scott proposed to me. We actually re-enacted the event!  The falls were beautiful as always and I’m so happy that we were able to go there on that day as well as spend it with our new friends. There were so many sleds there it was crazy. We had some lunch in the brewery and headed out.




We all went to dinner that night at Chamberlain’s Inn in Curtis to celebrate Valentines Day. Scott & I have always wanted to eat there and we finally got the opportunity. Such another fantastic weekend on the snow.



For Women Only Snowmobile Ride – 2015

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I participated in the annual For Women Only Snowmobile Ride sponsored by Easter Seals from January 30 – February 1. It was the 5th time I have participated with 6 years in between the last time I rode and now. The event has undergone quite a bit of change over the years I didn’t participate but much was familiar. There were 36 women riding that raised over $35,000 for Easter Seals. It was held at the Ramada Inn in Grayling and my group rode over 70 miles on Saturday.  The trails were not perfect but we were able to get in a ride. I was in a great group and met some really nice people. Scott & Madison went too and did their own thing when I was with the girls. We had all had an awesome weekend.

There were quite a few trucks and trailers at the hotel for the weekend.



Ready to go!


IMG_1823_2 IMG_1829_2




We rode to Shirley’s Cafe in Mancelona for lunch.






IMG_9930 10842094_10153027820416280_3693428892974598292_o