Shipshewana Quilt Fest 2015

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I attended the 2015 Shipshewana Quilt Fest once again and Scott was able to go with me this time. The grandparents watched Madison so we had a few days away which we needed so bad! The Quilt Fest was fantastic as always and Scott kept himself busy either working or looking at motorcycles – this time a HARLEY. I’m afraid it may have bitten him because he took it for a test drive and I can say he’s pretty obsessed with it right now!

It was raining when we got there early Thursday morning and I stood in line for Schoolhouse in the rain along with several hundred other crazy women. Once we got inside it was a lot of fun. I took quite a few sessions and of course the lunch they fed us was yummy.

IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1027


I took a class from Pam Holland on Friday. The class used fabric markers and we traced a design, then colored it with the markers and then quilted it. Mine isn’t finished (ahead more than the picture) but it was a lot of fun. Definitely out of my comfort zone but fun.




We also went to the quilt show as well as participated in the shop hop. I love driving around the country there. never get tired of seeing the beautiful countryside.



I got to sew on this beauty during class.


IMG_1086 IMG_1050 IMG_1087

We got to sit inside the buggy at Essenhaus! As many times as we have eaten there this is the FIRST time we have been able to sit in the buggy. It was fun!!



Yoders added a quilt square to the side of their building this year.



Scott test rode a Harley while I was out quilting – I am afraid what might happen now!

IMG_0667 (1) IMG_0675

We were so sad to leave but we will be back next year!

Time for a t-shirt quilt

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A friend at work asked me to make her daughter a t-shirt quilt. It would be my first and I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but I think it turned out perfect. Fortunately, the recipient loved it. Scott and I went to her graduation party and it was displayed for all to see! I got lots of comments and compliments. I guess that’s all I need!





The quilt and the adorable recipient!




Sock Monkey Pillow – dun

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We were tooling around the Traverse City area last year and ran across a cool quilt shop in Interlocken, MI, called Interquilten. Of course we had to stop!  I found an adorable pillow pattern that had a sock monkey on it so I had to make it for Cole. I used a pair of Scott’s old jeans. I love the end result. I found the pillow form at Amazon. It’s considered a “toddler pillow” size – never knew it existed.

IMG_0222 IMG_0227


Fortunately, sweet Cole loved it! It matched the blanket and pillow case that I made him perfectly.


One more finish

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I was so happy to finish another UFO! I started this quilt for Scott a coughwhilecoughyearscough ago and finally finished it. I only lacked the quilting and binding and was able to get it pumped out in a few evenings. I am getting more comfortable with the BSR and it’s actually a lot of fun. I can’t believe I waited this long to start using it. I purchased the fabric for this quilt at Hobby Lobby and wanted to create a quilt that didn’t take away from the airplanes. I just paired large squares with Marti Michell’s Sashing Stars set to make the sashing. I was really pleased with the outcome and so was Scott.







Hexie Crazy

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I started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt quilte a while ago.  I’ve gotten the itch to work on it again and have made some progress on both individual hexies and the flowers. I may be in the nursing home before I finish but at least I’m making progress.

It starts with this:



Which becomes this:





And eventually becomes this:



Hopefully someday I can share a completed quilt but I’m not holding my breath!

First Quilty Finish of 2015

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Shew – I actually STARTED and FINISHED a quilt in 2015! I decided to make a lap quilt to bring as a doorprize for the 2015 For Women Only Snowmobile Ride for Easter Seals taking place January 30-February 1 in Grayling. As I started putting it together I decided it might be too big to offer as a doorprize so I offered it to Easter Seals as a raffle or something – whatever they wanted to do with it. They decided to put it in a raffle that included some other “big” prizes. I was surprised to see so many tickets in the pot for those in the running for it. The leader of my group actually won and I was very happy. When they were doing the final drawing of the winner someone shouted out – “She’s going to make another one next year!”. So I guess I will make another one next year!

I had purchased fabric with snowmobiles on it a year or so ago. I had to come up with a quilt design would not destroy the fabric design. I decided on a Disappearing Nine Patch. I had never made one before and I was very pleased with the outcome. I had to piece the original Nine Patch Blocks carefully because after the big cut I was turning 2 of them 180 degrees. I wanted the snowmobiles to all be going the same direction. I also had to be brand-neutral in my accent color selection. I just went for primary colors since those pretty much represent the 4 brands. I really like this design and will definitely make another quilt using that pattern. It’s also a great way to use up those 5″ squares I seem to be collecting.


IMG_9844      IMG_9848 - Version 2