Brooks Lake – Dubois, Wyoming to Idaho

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We reluctantly pulled out of Happy Jack in the morning and headed toward Dubois, Wyoming, for our next stop at Brooks Lake. The drive there was just beautiful.

Scott and Madison camped at Brooks Lake National Forest Campground a couple of years ago and it made such an impression on Scott that I could not wait to see it. It did NOT disappoint and was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. We spent our honeymoon in this area 16 years ago and snowmobiled very close to where we camped. It brought back so many wonderful memories. The campground is located in an amazingly beautiful area. The campsite that Scott and Madison were in was not available but we were able to get one by the lake. We even had 4 deer come right through our site. We will DEFINITELY be back here for a longer stay.

Not sure what this bug was but he was HUGE

This is what we woke up to. One of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen.

We pulled out of the campground and went basically across the road to the Falls campground to see this beautiful waterfall. We also stopped at Togwotee Lodge where we spent our honeymoon. We wanted to eat lunch there but the restaurant did not open for another half hour and we wanted to get on down the road.

We parked in view of the webcam that we regularly check and were able to get a shot of us in the webcam.

Our next destination was Idaho but we drove through Jackson Hole with incredible views of the Teton’s. We also went over Teton Pass and got to see the back side of the Tetons – a new experience for both of us.

The front side of the Tetons.

The “Jackson Hole Side” of the Tetons

We made it!

The “Idaho” side of the Tetons




Backcountry Camping at its Finest

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We left Shipshewana for a quick overnight stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at Ameristar Casino. It proved to be a profitable one for Scott as he hit his biggest non-handpay jackpot on his favorite machine. Quite a great stop! We headed out the next morning for an area outside Laramie, Wyoming. We would travel all the way through Nebraska which seemed to take forever! We had a bit of a drive to get there and had to make a stop at Cabelas as well. It was a long day but the end result was incredible.

Here we go! It’s a LONG way to the other side.

Cabelas in Kearney, Nebraska

You know you are in Kearney when you cross under this bridge.

A little duck play at Cabelas.


We finally crossed the border into Wyoming and thankfully it wasn’t too long of a drive to get to our destination. We pulled off the highway (FINALLY) and headed down Happy Jack Road to the Pole Mountain Area in the Medicine Bow National Forest. They allow dispersed camping and we searched for a spot to park for the night. There were several other people camping so it took a bit to find a spot that wasn’t near anyone else. We finally found the perfect spot in a meadow. The views and feeling of peacefulness was incredible. We had not been there 15 minutes until we spotted a MOOSE AND TWO BABIES walking through the meadow ahead of us. What an incredible sight! I just could not believe what we were seeing. Most of the other people camping had ATV’s so we will DEFINITELY be back with the Maverick! Sleeping out there was beyond peaceful and I can’t wait to go back.

So beautiful!

No one in sight anywhere.

Beautiful all around us.

I still can’t believe we saw the mamma and her two babies!

The wildflowers were just beautiful all around us

This little guy was just outside the camper when it got daylight the next morning.

It’s so tiny!

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We often see turtles at the local parks. We have also seen the holes where mamma turtles have dug to lay their eggs. Scott actually saw a baby turtle at the park last week. I wasn’t with him so I didn’t get to see it myself but you could easily walk right by it and not know it was a turtle since it was so tiny. I can’t believe the detail that it has being so young.

Such a little baby